Protect Home

Ways to protect your home when on vacation

A vacation is the best time to relax, but you can do not do that when your house is not safe. You will not have peace of mind if you are planning on going for a vacation, but you do to know how to leave your home. Worry not, you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with the tips that you can use to keep your home safe when you are away. Preparation is everything if you want to prevent burglars from breaking into your home. Follow the steps below to help protect your house when you are on vacation.

Get someone to watch over the house

You can get help from your neighbors. If you are friendly to your neighbors, then you can ask them to watch over your house when you are on vacation. You do not have to ask them to do a lot of chores since they still have other things to do apart from watching your house. They can just call you when they smell something fishy around your home. Your neighbors are the first people who will help you keep your home safe from burglars. You will come back home and find that everything is the way you left it. If you are not familiar with your neighbor, then you can ask your friends to check your place certain times in a week when you are away. You can ask your neighbor to park on your driveway if they do not have any problem with it.

Install timers

When your house is dark for over a week, it will be a clear indication that there is no one in the house. However, it may not be possible to just leave the lights on when you are leaving for your vacation. You can get timers that will turn on the lamps at a given the time of day. You can use the time for radios, lights, and TVs to create some noise such that nobody knows you are not home. You can get different timers for different users around the home.

Get someone to mow the lawn

An unkempt lawn is one of the indications that you are not home. The drive way will indicate that there are no human movements. You can ask either a family member or the landscaping company to ensure that your home remains neat at all times. In case you are going on vacation during the winter, then you can hire someone who will be clearing the snow on the driveways. If your house has not been cleared in a long time, then you will give burglars a hint that you are not at home.

Stop the mail

If your mail is overflowing, then it will be a sign that you are not home. You can stop the USPS when you are going on vacation. They can make the delivery once you go back home. Therefore, you need not worry about your mail getting lost.