Muse: Wild Inspiration Slot

Muse is a game based on Ancient Greek times, with all the symbols being related to that. The three main characters within this game are based on the Muses of Ancient Greece: Thalia, Euterpe and Clio, who are personifications of art, literature and music respectively. There are other head-nods to ancient Greece in the form of Hermes’ sandals that show up later in the game. There are five reels available for play and 25 set bet lines to be activated.

How to Play:

For every coin that you play in Muse, you activate another pay line, giving yourself more chances for that winning combination. Each coin can have a max worth of 0.50 and a minimum worth of 0.01, and you can play up to10 coins per line, giving you the freedom to choose how much each of your spins are worth. The highest pay-out in the game is the jackpot at 500 coins, closely followed by a pay-out of 300 coins.

Skill Stop Feature

As well as the multiple bet lines and winning combinations that are available to a player, there is also the ability to stop a spin mid-play. The player can press the spin button a second time to bring the reels to a stop, giving themselves more control over their game and what combinations they have on the screen. This can help them get the symbols they need and can even help them get the free spin bonus round activated if they’re lucky enough!

Free Spin Bonus

Within Muse, you have the ability to win up to thirty free spins that you can use once the free spin bonus round is activated. Set on Mount Olympus, spin with the Gods to earn even more winnings. To activate this round you need to spin between three and five of the scattered symbols. Depending on how many you spin will depend on how many free spins you achieve. While you are in this bonus round, it is possible to spin more scatter symbols and achieve more spins, meaning that in theory, you can have an unlimited number of free spins. Once this round has ended, you will be returned back to the normal game and still continue to have a chance to win more spins. The value of the coin in this game depends on what the winning spin’s value was set as. You will not be able to change this. Once the game has ended, the wins you got will be added to your total win count.

The Symbols

Wild Symbols

The Wild Symbol in muse will be a coin with the three Ancient Greek Muses on. There are three features that this symbol can represent which will be triggered with no particular order or strategy when the symbol is spun. The wild symbol substitutes all other symbols, baring the Scatter Symbol in order to complete winning combinations.

The first feature is an ‘expanding wild’ feature, which means that the symbol will expand downwards to cover the entire reel across all the bet lines in order to try and score you the maximum amount of winnings possible. Only one pay-out per bet line is achievable, however, and the one with the highest worth will be the one that counts.

The second feature is a multiplier wild symbol. When this lands, if it completes a winning line then it will multiply those winnings by two. If you receive more than one of these, it will continue to multiply the winnings up to a value of x8. This is the highest that the winnings can be multiplied.

The third and final feature is a sticky wild. When this appears, you’ll receive one free spin in the game. While this spin is in progress, the wild sticky will stay where it is on the reel, and you cannot receive the scatter symbol during this. If more than one wild sticky land on the reels, you will still only be awarded one free spin, but all of the symbols will remain in their previous positions.

Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbol in Muse is that of Hermes’ Winged Sandals, one of the God’s popular accessories, used to travel throughout the realms in Ancient Greece to get messages to the other Gods. This symbol does not need to appear in order to count as a win and can appear on an inactivated bet line and still count. In order for the value of this symbol to be activated, there must be three or more of them. Once you have three or more, you will be taken to the free spin bonus round. The symbol does not have any monetary value and will not give you a pay-out, but will take you to a round where more wins are possible. It cannot be substituted by the wild symbols.

To Win

To gain a win in Muse, you need to match a minimum of three symbols across an enabled bet line. Any symbols that appear on an inactive bet line will not count as a win and cannot be played. The more symbols you manage to match in a winning combination will net you more winnings. The worth of the credits you receive will depend entirely on what the worth of the coins you bet initially and will be calculated automatically.

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